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Words From James R. Kneisler Jr., Esq

I am a graduate of the South Texas School of Law in 1987. Upon graduation, I immediately took and passed the California Bar. After passing the bar, I opened an office in Santa Rosa, California. My practice included criminal, civil, and workers’ compensation. 

Eventually, I limited my practice to workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability. I was certified by the California Bar as a workers’ compensation specialist about 15 years ago. In 2005, I opened a practice in San Angelo and split my time between California and Texas until 2008, after which I was full time in Texas. 

I am a retired LTC, having served in Intelligence and Armor. While in the Army, I handled company and field grade Art 15 cases, the Army’s equivalent of misdemeanors, and I served as an Art 32 investigating officer, which is similar to a grand jury investigation.

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I currently have offices in Abilene and San Angelo. My practice now consists of Social Security Disability, elder law, family law, Supplementary Security Income, VA appeals, and vaccine injuries. For legal representation, contact my office today. 
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